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Well I guess it all starts now. My Fiancé and I decided to pursue our passions of Photography, Fine Arts, and Design. This is our story, rather journey. Today is day one of Bloggins, we just started a account and are exuding positive vibes. Been cooped in the house trying to work on the new website and still trying to keep up on Editing. I could edit my photos forever and never been done, I'm sure some of you can relate. Not to mention I'm a Day-Trader and for those familiar with derivatives, well you understand how one needs an escape. What better than flying some drone, taking amazing Photographs and Videos with the drone. This turned out to be a very costly hobby, figured I could supplement some of the costs through offering my services. I've been doing Filmmaking since I was eleven years old, I was on a TV show called "I Forgot My Lines" or "IMFL". Well how I mentioned cooped up inside, I'm off to get some food. Alright, first entry in my first blog ever! WOOT WOOT

This was done under my old company name KNAAP AV.  I Hope you enjoy!